Posted on Oct 4, 2019

Money Metals Exchange

Craig Hemke: Mike, my friend, it's always a pleasure. Thanks for the invite.

Mike Gleason: Absolutely. Love to get you back on and thanks for the time. Well, the recent smash in the metals prices was reminiscent to what we saw in the markets in 2016, at least in silver. Prices ran higher up to about $20 an ounce and then got hammered back down where they continued trading in a range between about $14 and $17 until this year's breakout. Do you think we'll see the metals once again be put back into their box here or do you think it will be different this time around? I guess that's the million-dollar question for silver bugs, what do you think?

Craig Hemke: That's the question everybody has to answer, right? Everybody has to answer that for themselves. Now, I have been, and then you and I have been discussing this all through the year, I've been forecasting this year to be like 2010. You recall those conversations, I'm sure Mike. Going back to late last year, all the talk was about rate hikes, right? And all the seven-figure sell side economists and analysts on Wall Street were talking about three to four rate hikes this year and I got in front of that and said, no, no, no. That's not going to be the case. All the political uncertainty, economic uncertainty, trade wars, all this kind of stuff, it's going to lead to a loss of confidence that ripples through the economy, not just at the individual level, but at the business level, and you get this slowdown...
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